Inspections, Testing, & Maintenance

For over twenty two years Emerald Fire has been an industry leader in the design and installation of automatic sprinkler fire protection systems throughout the Pacific Northwest. We have installed systems ranging from single family homes to high-rise condominiums; from single sprinkler medical gas closets to cutting edge hospital complexes; and from self-storage facilities to massive distribution centers. Regardless of size these systems share a few basic components and concepts, and more importantly a requirement for periodic inspection, testing, and maintenance.


For many years this requirement was not tightly enforced or documented. The nature of the fire sprinkler system—silent and static until needed—makes it easy to overlook from the standpoint of regular maintenance. Recently, however, there has been nationwide focus on how best to ensure the operational health of fire sprinkler systems and there is increasing pressure from fire authorities to regulate and supervise the inspection and testing of systems within their respective jurisdictions.

In response to the rising demand from our customers for qualified, professional, thorough, courteous, and prompt service, we have created a department dedicated specifically to Inspections, Testing, and Maintenance. We currently inspects, tests, and maintains wet systems, dry systems, preaction systems, standpipe systems, fire extinguishers, and fire pump systems throughout the Pacific Northwest. For your convenience we also offer fire alarm inspection services through exclusive partnerships with select firms that specialize in this field.

Our team of state-certified technicians and our experienced office/administration staff are prepared and excited to partner with you for your fire protection system Inspection and Testing needs. We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you personally and at your convenience to discuss our future relationship. Simply drop us a note at with your contact information and begin to put yourself and your fire protection system at ease!